the shop

Our manufacturing facility operates in 35,000 square feet of floor space right on site. You'll have a chance to see in person how everything is made by hand right here in the USA. We pride ourselves on using American made materials in almost everything we do.


By using state of the art CNC machinery, we can ensure our product is of the highest tolerances and consistency. Whether its cutting out parts for a custom cabinet, a Corian® counter, custom signs or any numbers of other complex parts, we have the capibilty to get the job done. 

DuPont corian®

For over 20 years now we have keep our certified fabricator status by adhering to the rigid requirements that DuPont Corian® demands. Corian® is a fantastic material with comes in a huge variety of colors and finishes. With the ability to create seamless joints the design possibilities are endless. Being non-porous and very easy to clean it is a great option for any room in the house. Corian® is also able to be repaired.